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Whether your a teenager with a little spending money or a mummy on a budget or even if you have plenty of cash to splash but enjoy shopping savvy, I've got you covered with a few simple tips. Here are my savvy spending tips and tricks.

One: Research
Whether your buying a £30 foundation or a £1 lipliner, do your research. There are a ton of beauty reviews all over the internet, they are easy to access and can help a ton when it comes to buying beauty products. Of course you won't always like a product just because you've read a thousand reviews but for most things it gives you a better idea of the quality of an item and if your really getting your moneys worth. It is very rare that I do an impulse buy and don't read at least 3 reviews on a product before I purchase.

Two: Budget Brands
Seriously drugstore make up has come along way, I find some of my favourite products are from the drugstore. I usually find when paying more for products it is usually for the packaging more than the product. If your looking for a good lip liner on a budget, Primark are the place to go! Seriously the lip liners are amazing. Also Essence are great for lipliners, lipsticks and possibly the best mascaras ever!

Three: Take Advantage Of Samples
So usually higher end brands offer samples to test a product before hand, take advantage of this! They are usually pretty decent sizes as well so you can get a real feel for the product. Also you will often find magazines have large samples or full sized products for a fraction of the price. I often see a £15 product in a magazine for £4! What a bargain.

Four: Don't Get Carried Away
Okay so magazine samples are great, if you genuinely want to try the products out. Just remember don't get carried away because you think its a good deal. Also 3 for 2 deals or buy one get one free deals are great as long as you are using them to your advantage and not buying for the sake of the deal.

Five: Use Your Loyalty Card
Boots, Superdrug, everywhere is now doing a beauty card, you collect points for every time you purchase something. Make sure you use them! I was always putting points on my Boots card for years and never actually used it, when I realised how much I had accumulated on there I was in shock! I think I got nearly everyones christmas presents using my points and then had points left over to treat myself to a few goodies. My fave thing to do with my beauty cards now is to save my points up for ages and then treat myself to a higher end goodie, it always makes it seem a little easier knowing your paying in points and not real money.

Six: Multi-Use
It is so much easier to be savvy when it comes to makeup these days, so many products are now designed multi-use already.  However you can take a simple pink lippy and use it as a blush or even get your bronzer out and apply it to the crease of your eye for extra definition. Seriously there are endless ways to use products and with a little Google search I'm sure thousands of ideas will pop up.

Seven: Discount Codes
If you are shopping online just before you check out, go back to Google and search "Discount code for brand name here" and I guarantee tons will come up. Even if its just for free delivery thats £3 or so you could save. Quite often you will find 10% off codes. Also bloggers often have discount codes for certain products, take advantage of these codes if you think you may buy that product later on, simply screenshot the code for the future.

Eight: Recycle Your Empties
Mac, Lush, Kiehls all offer a free product when you return a certain amount of empty containers back to them. If you already use these brands, take advantage of it. There is nothing better than returning 6 empty items back to Mac and receiving a lovely new lipstick in return.

Nine: Save Money With DIYs
I'm not exactly a massive do it yourself kinda person but there are a few things I won't pay for, brush cleaner is one of them things, baby shampoo works amazingly.

Ten: Dupes Are Your Bestfriend
That £20 lipstick you've been eyeing up, well another brand sells that exact colour and formula for £2 but the packaging is just a little more shabby. Whatever item you are wooing over just do a quick Google search for "product name dupe" and 90% of the time a review with swatches of both products next to each other will come up. Also often cheaper brands are made in the same factory as the higher end brands so it wouldn't surprise me if some products are identical in comparison! minus the packaging.

I hope you enjoyed my savvy girls guide to buying makeup,  let me know your number one tip when it comes to saving money on your beauty goodies!

Thank you for reading!



  1. I so agree on oing research when buying new products! Even if they a few euros! It makes a huge difference! Also waiting for a discount is always worth it!
    Amazing tips! <3

    Katerina xx
    P.S. Kate | http://p-s-kate.blogspot.gr/

    1. Thanks Hun! Yeah I always research everything I buy! Xx

  2. Your post is really helpful ! Thanks, Barbara from www.barbarabonline.com XOXO

  3. Aww thankyou! Glad it helped Hun! Xx

  4. I love Loyalty Point schemes - you can rack up so many, especially when they do bonus points :) I pretty much filled my entire MAC Pro Palette with my Debenhams Beauty Club points haha

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. I love the Boots card more than the superdrug one, but then superdrug do student discount. The points just seem to rank up so quickly as well.
    Alicia xx

  6. Awesome post! Didn't know Mac had that great offer for bringing back recycling items. That's such a smart idea, and it kind of makes you want to buy more lipstick than you need 😂😂


    1. Oh glad you learnt something from me! I'm always getting bits from Mac so love getting a new lipstick xx

  7. I love your tips and I follow them all in my personal experience in buying almost anything. Although there's one tip I don't really follow which is to #4, not to get carried away! Whenever I'm in a store and sampling everything I always end up with a bag in my hand. Not a good idea for my wallet.

    Joanne at Urhappybunnie

    1. Haha! I try to not get carried away but I do! haha xx


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