Monday, 28 November 2016


I am so determined to get into the Christmas spirit and stay in the Christmas spirit for as long as I possibly can. However I always think you have to do a few little things to get into the Christmas spirit. I've put together a few of my favourite things to do to help me feel a little more festive.

One: Decorate
I've already put my tree up, I just couldn't help myself. It is Amelia's first Christmas and my first Christmas in my own place so I just really want to enjoy every moment of it, even if I am the twat that puts their tree up in November. I always find getting my tree up and the decorations out instantly make me feel super festive. Don't forget to pick up some Christmasy scented candles and room spray!

Two: Christmas Movies
Have a Christmas movie marathon. Nothing screams Christmas like a movie marathon. I love watching Home Alone at Christmas time. I also love Elf but any Christmasy film/program helps get me in the festive mood.

Three: Festive Songs
Play every single Christmas song you can possibly think of! Seriously it makes you feel super festive and I always feel happy when I'm singing along to my favourite festive songs.

Four: Christmas Days Out
Get out. Come November time every place turns into a Christmasy day out. I personally love going to Christmas markets or going Christmas tree/decoration shopping. I always find getting out around Christmas time really helps me feel positive and feel ready to conquer Christmas time.

Five: Be Positive And Organised
It is so easy to get stressed out around Christmas time, thinking about presents, food, money. Whatever you are stressing about try to stay organised and on top of things to reduce stress and try to stay positive and motivated, keep reminding yourself of the outcome in the end, whether it is giving a special gift to a loved one or getting to enjoy Christmas dinner or just spending time with your family, whatever it is your looking forward keep reminding yourself.

What gets you into the festive mood?



  1. Good morning, love
    I'm listening to Christmas songs right now. That always make me feel super festive. I also love sitting on the couch, burning a christmas scented candle and just relax.
    Happy Sunday
    xx Desi

    1. Hello lovely! ohh that sounds amazing!Who doesn't love a christmas song? yesssss that sounds perfect! Happy sunday xx


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