Saturday, 24 September 2016


It is safe to say my hair was in desperate need of some tlc. So I figured I would pamper myself a bit and get the full shebang done. I had a tint, Balayage, Olaplex, cut, blow-dry and finished it off with some softs curls. I thought I would take you through what I had done step by step. My hair may not look awfully different to some but this session in the hairdressers was more about correcting my colour and getting the tones right.
As you can see my hair is hardly Golden Blonde and more Canary Yellow, not a look I'm willing to rock! My hair colour has been a bit of an issue the past few months. Straight after I had my daughter I went to the salon to get my hair colour done, bad idea that was! My hormones were all over the place and I'm certain that it affected my hair colour, every colour applied was either not taking at all to my hair or taking to quickly, every single hair on my head had its own mind and to get my hair to a colour that was acceptable I had to put quite a bit of colour in it leaving it feeling dry and seriously over processed. Here are the steps we took to give my dull hair some life.

 We started by tinting my roots, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of this. However its pretty self explanatory. We started with my tint because last time I tinted my roots the colour took too quickly and left my roots really dark leaving my hair looking less soft ombre and more bad root day. We mixed 3 colours together for my tint, one dark mousy blonde (similar to my natural colour) added a dash of a darker colour to give my roots a little depth and then added a dash of a really ashy, borderline grey colour to take away the warmth that naturally clings to my hair. We managed to get the colour close to my natural colour which is exactly what I wanted.
After tinting my hair and letting it develop we washed it out and dried it. 
Sam (My hairdresser and sister) then applied the bleach, she applied the colour free handed.
She picked random pieces of my hair up and quite literally painted it. This technique is known as balayage, I personally prefer this technique because it means my regrowth will blend better, also it gives the illusion of sun-kissed natural looking hair, similar to what nature gives us in the summer.

We then left my hair with the bleach on for quite some time. My hair is a nightmare at taking to bleach at the moment so unfortunately I had to give it longer to work than usual. Luckily Olaplex is mixed in with the colour to help prevent, protect and restore your hairs health.

Once the bleach was washed off, we then had to go in with a toner. Although I had the blonde on for quite some time it still had a yellow tinge to it so we had to apply a creamy toner.  The toner we used was to remove the yellowness from the blonde, leaving it looking whiter and a cleaner, creamier blonde.

Finally once all my hair was finally coloured, corrected and toned. It was time to apply the second part of the Olaplex treatment. Olaplex has been on the market for quite some time but its only recently being noticed by more and more people. It's basically a treatment that you can add in to your colour, keratin treatment, perm or just have the treatment on its own. Olaplex isn't just a hair conditioning treatment it helps permanently rebuild the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. It also allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair, helping you restore your hair back to its natural state.  Its also how Kim K went from black to white blonde over night. You can read more about how olaplex works HERE.

I promise I'm almost done! Once the treatment was complete I had a little trim just snipping the very ends off and had my hair blow dried with lots of volume. Sam then went over my hair with a tong just to create soft loose curls.

I'm so happy with my hair now, I've been desperate to sort the colour out but have wanted to grow it and knew that I wouldn't be able to process it much more without it falling out. I'm so thankful that Olaplex has come around because it has allowed me to create a colour I love without leaving my hair dry or brittle. Infact my hair feels so soft, less tangly and I barely had to have anything cut off! 

Below are a few more photos of my finished hair. What a transformation?
I hope you've enjoyed this long winded but informative post. I hope you managed to make it to the end.



  1. Wow, your hair is beautiful! I really want to get my hair highlighted and tinted blonde. As I used to live in Italy and it was very very blonde but now that I'm in England it's turned brown :(

  2. Thank you Hun! Ah tell me about it , in the summer I get natural highlights from the sun but 90% of the time englands freezing !

  3. Nice post , get more details


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