Friday, 30 September 2016


The stress free approach to a smokey eye, less brushes, less mess. 

I was recently approached by The Beauty Essentials team. I was kindly sent a Shadow Switch (Dry Brush Cleaner) to test out. I had previously seen other bloggers raving about the dry brush cleaner and was eager to try it.

One thing I have to mention before I even start reviewing this is that The Beauty Essentials team are lovely and gave me a great deal of information about the product before sending it. They informed me that "their collection of tools were put together by a dedicated team of the most knowledgeable and professional beauty product consultants within the industry to ensure that every tool in the range was made to the highest standard and quality". 

The second the product arrived I jumped onto my snapchat (staceylouisew) -sorry for shamelessly  promoting myself. I was so eager to test it out and tell you about it! I rambled on about the product for a good 15 snaps. I then put the Shadow Switch away and was waiting for my new lighting to arrive. Once my new lighting arrived and I started to figure it all out I whipped out the Shadow Switch, see below the before and after photos of using the Shadow Switch, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Completely Clean Makeup Brush

Makeup Brush Being Dipped in Macs  Dance In The Dance

Swirling My Dirty Brush In Shadow Switch
Brush After Being Swirled In Shadow Switch
As you can see the majority of the eye shadow has been removed from the brush. Although the brush doesn't look 100% clean like the first photo, I did not get any colour come off it when I tried to use it, which I was super impressed by. I thought it would work but I was sceptical that it may not remove dark colours. I feel confident enough to say you could easily achieve a full smokey eye with just one brush. The idea is great if you don't have a huge range of eye shadow brushes or if you have that one brush you love to use all the time, it is also going to be a life saver when it comes to travelling as Shadow Switch really is quite compact. It is also so simple to use thanks to the step by step instructions on the side of the packaging.

I love this product and think its great value for money! Costing only £5.99, I think it is something everyone could benefit from having in there makeup bag. To take a look at this product click Here.

Little note, Shadow Switch are rebranding, so there will be a slight change in packaging, You can find the new packaging Here.

Fingers crossed next on their list is a quick and easy way to clean face brushes ehhh, wouldn't that be a god send?

Thank you for reading, let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it.



  1. Never heard of this before but how handy to have when you want to clear a brush of a shade to use it again with a different one! So affordable too, will have to check this out x

    Gemma Louise

  2. This looks fab! I use Primarks brush cleanser to clean my brushes in between shades but this looks so much less hassle! Jenny XOX

    1. Yes it's defiantly great for a quick clean!


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