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One: Purple Shampoo
Kicking it off with one for all the blondies out there. I'm sure by now we all know purple shampoo is an absolute god send to keep them tresses bright and beautiful. Seriously though, such a simple yet effective way to keep your blonde hair looking fresh and stirring clear of yellow locks.

Two: Coconut oil
Coconut oil is your best friend. Seriously, coconut oil is famous for its extensive list of beauty hacks but lets just talk hair for now. Defiantly the deepest hair mask going! It doesn't feel great straight away or leave your hair feeling as silky smooth as a silicone based conditioner but it really helps treat and hydrate coloured hair.

Three: Less is more
Literally, the less you wash your hair the more hair you'll have. If you want to grow your hair, consider cutting down how often you wash it. I wash my hair twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Saturday and this works for me, but it did take me a while to get into a routine. I love the way my hair feels once I have washed it so it's often tempting to wash it everyday but just remember this drys your hair out and also your hair needs a bit of your natural oils every now and then.

Four: Heatless Hairstyles
If your at home its easy to throw your hair up into a pony and be done, but if your heading out somewhere its nice to get dressed up. I love nothing more than some loose natural waves but I'm testing out some heatless hairstyles. Heat is obviously damaging to the hair and I try to avoid it at all costs. I never blow dry my hair mostly because that requires to much effort. I try to stick to only styling my hair with a heat tool once a week if i can and I only use one if  I really have to.

Five: Food/Supplement
Eat your way to healthy hair, lots of protein and biotin does wonders for your hair! Eating healthy benefits every aspect of your mind and body but trust me, if your eating well and taking a biotin supplement your hair will thank you.

Six: Never Brush Wet Hair
Okay so if your going to brush your hair when it is wet use a wide tooth comb preferably when you still have conditioner in your hair. This will save you tones of hair! When your hair is wet it is more prone to breakage, the tiniest of pulls can make it snap. I try to leave my hair to dry before brushing it but if I have to brush it when its wet I always start from the ends.

Seven: Scalp Massages
You know when you go to the hairdressers and they give you them 5 minute head massages, well its not just because it feels good. Scalp massages are great for stimulating the scalp which in return promotes healthy new hair.

Eight: Alter Your Pony
This one is a little random but a life saver. When tying your hair up, especially if you wear your hair up on a daily basis try changing the position of it. One day wear it high and another low. Alternating your pony tail means you won't constantly be putting pressure on one section of the hair, allowing it to stay healthy and prevent snapping.

Nine: Get Trims
I know getting regular trims can be scary sometimes but seriously, hairdressers recommend it for a reason. Hair that isn't regularly trimmed is more prone to split ends, when your hair has a split end it will continue to split higher and higher up the hair until it eventually breaks. Getting regular trims prevents this. However if your hair is fairly healthy, not over processed or over heated then you can properly go a bit longer between trims.

Ten: Cold Rinse
This is optional and only if you can bare it. Giving your hair a cold rinse helps close all your hair follicles and leaves your hair feeling refreshed and extra shiny. I personally love doing this, I'm not sure why but I love cold water on my head, its a little hard to get use to at first but when you do its lovely and refreshing, although come winter time it is always that bit harder to pluck up the courage to do it.

I really hope you have enjoyed my 10 Haircare Hacks. I am by no means a professional when it comes to hair. I worked in a salon as a junior for 4/5 years when I was in school and picked up a few hacks and I am also blessed to have a sister who is  a hairdresser  just incase I need some advice. However most of the tips are my own which have been tried and tested by me and I have found they work great for my hair but remember all hair types are different and what works for me may not work for you. Let me know what you do to keep your hair healthy.



  1. I'm going to try to alternate the position of my pony tail, I always have it in the same spot! Didn't know it would cause issues but it makes sense! Thanks :)

    1. Yeah eventually it can cause damage alternatively they do have them hair bands to avoid it now x


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