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Marbelous Spectrum Brush Review

If you plan on reading this, get yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine this may take a while.

I think Spectrum have nailed it when they created there Instagram worthy brushes. It is safe to say everyone has been admiring their brushes recently. Seriously, they have created mermaid inspired brushes (which are gorgeous) but when I saw the Marbelous set I knew I had to have them. They are inspired by the beautiful marble and rose gold trend. So immediately I thought, erm yes please. I'm a sucker for a trend sometimes.

For me the packaging can make a real difference, if the packaging is beautiful it can make the whole experience of a new item feel that little bit more rewarding. However when I received my brushes they was packaged in a cellophane type bag. I have seen a few other peoples brushes come in a pink pouch but even that packaging I didn't find to attractive. However the second I opened the brushes I instantly forgot about the not so pretty packaging and was instantly drawn to soft bristle and rose gold details. 

At £64.99 I personally think these brushes are really reasonably priced, especially considering the high quality.

Immediately when I felt the bristles I was excited by how soft the bristles were. I was also very impressed by the complete set, usually when buying a brush set you risk wasting money on some brushes that you never plan on using. The Marbelous collection has a great variety. You can easily create a full face of makeup using just this collection. Where as in the past I have brought other sets and only used 4/5 brushes from the collection and had to mix and match with other brushes. This is an ideal set if your looking for something to completely replace old brushes.

The 12 piece set consists of 5 luxe face brushes and 7 of there best selling eye, brow and lip brushes.

A00 - Luxe Powder:
This brush works beautifully at applying powder and blending it, the brush is more dense than expected. It picks powder up evenly and distributes it over the face flawlessly without the risk of rubbing off any other makeup, I don't get any problem with applying to much powder using this brush as it glides the product onto my skin seamlessly.

C07 - Luxe Tapered Sculptor:
This is possibly my favourite brush from the collection. If I decide to bake my face this brush picks up translucent powder easily and makes my baking experience run smoother. I will then use this brush to remove any excess power after I have baked my face and it gives the most beautiful flawless bright under eye effect. I don't tend to stick to the rules when it comes to makeup brushes I use whatever brush I like for whatever I like. I think thats the best way to figure out what works for you! Remember our faces are all different textures and shapes so playing around with the brushes allows us to create the exact look we want.

A02 - Angled Foundation:

For as long as i can remember I have been using the Real Technique Miracle complexion sponge, which by all means I still adore. However this is the first actual foundation brush I have been able to achieve flawless looking skin with without feeling the need to touch up after with my sponge. Seriously it;s a little bit more time consuming than the sponge but the results are seamless.

C02 - Flat Top Contour:
I've been desperate to try this sort of contour brush out for a while and the first time I used this brush I ruined my contour, it was to heavy. This brush picks up product so well and its so dense that it wasn't something I was use to, so you need to be careful when using it for the first time. When I got to grips with it and figured it out, I loved it. Less product and a gentle hand can create a beautiful chizzled cheek look. I find it difficult to do a natural looking contour with this brush but who buys a contour brush like this for a natural look anyway? 

A05 - Precision Blush:

I use this brush for the days when I want my contour to be softer, it creates a beautiful but subtle contour. I also use it after using the C02 to help blend my contour. 

B05 - Luxe Blender: 

I haven't got a huge amount of use out of this brush yet. However the other day I used it to apply my strobe cream and it worked beautifully. I find this brush a little awkward to use, I don't really know what to use it for but I'm sure I will figure it out.

B06 - Tall Tapered Blender:
This brush blends like a dream. I won't lie it is your typical fluffy blending brush but just a taller more tapered version which helps keep everything more crisp and clean. It blends your eye shadow seamlessly together ensuring no harsh lines are visible.

A07 - Stubby Shader:

I just use this to pack on a product because it is so dense and flat it works wonders at picking up product and pressing them onto the eyelid. It's also great for a quick swipe of colour over the eye.

A12 - Fluffy Pencil:

I love this fluffy pencil brush, one of my favourite pencil brushes of all time. It's a little thicker and a little more dense than perhaps your average pencil brush but it works amazingly with my eyes. It is great for darkening up the corner of the eye and running under the eye to create a smokey eye look.

A13 - Short Smudge:

I haven't used this much as a smudger brush yet, I've mainly used it for getting a precise highlight under the brow. It's quite dense and stiff which makes it perfect to add that pop of highlight.

A14 - Brow Definer:

I've used this a few times and I do really like it for powder products but just found it didn't work as well with my Nyx tame and frame brow pomade so I will probably be sticking to another brush for brows. However if your a powder brow kinda girl then this may work for you.

A15 - Lip Definer:

I find most lip definer brushes very similar, this works lovely but it is a standard lip definer.

Over all I think the collection is amazing, they look gorgeous while being great quality and easy to use.

Sorry about the long ramblyness of this post but I want to give my honest and accurate opinion on this collection as lots of people have asked about them. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, these brushes! So pretty and gorgeous and oh my gosh!

    Parie x

  2. They are just so dreamy aren't they!

  3. These are so pretty! I'm going through a phase where everything I buy is white so these are definitely on my wish list!

    Martha xx

  4. They look stunning!!

    Grace x

  5. So glad you did this review! I've been looking at getting some of these brushes for my birthday! Now I just need to pick which ones I want, they're all so pretty! XX

    1. They are amazing def recommend them! But they also have the new bombshell ones coming out soon which are gorgeous ! Xx

  6. wow these look so amazing!! I love the combination of white and gold I don't often see that on brushes.

  7. Such a great review! I was going to buy these on beauty bay but they were out of stock so I went for a Morphe set instead. I still think I need these in my life!!

  8. I have this set too, and it is beautiful.
    I think you wrapped up all the brushes perfectly especially the angled foundation one, because I was the same I always used the real techniques sponge because no other brush had given me a flawless finish but this brush definitely does.


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