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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:
I've been using this foundation on and off for the past year and I feel I can give a thorough review on this foundation. You see during my pregnancy, my skin defiantly had its ups and downs. From dry and spotty to oily and then glowy. I guess you could say my skin has a mind of it's own but for the most part my skin is dry, very dry.

Product Description: 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your collection. 
•Apricot for radiance 
•Melon for hydration 
•Apple to protect your youth.
it is also enriched with crystalline pigments to even out the complexion while still letting in natural light, for a healthy glow.

My opinion:
Whenever I'm on the hunt for a new foundation I always look for something hydrating, brightening and glowy. This foundation feels light and hydrating on my skin. It also offers medium coverage, which is buildable. I must admit when my skin was having breakouts this didn't quite cut it alone. I would have to do two thin layers of this foundation and add concelear for blemishes. However I find that with most foundations and I'm more than happy to use a concealer to cover up any stubborn blemishes. 

I love the finish this foundation gives, it gives you a glow from within. It is very natural looking. When my skin is suffering from dry patches the foundation may cling slightly to the dryer spots, however it isn't as noticeable as other foundations. For the most part I love the formula, scent and feel of this foundation. I enjoy using it and usually pick this foundation over any other foundation in my makeup draw. It's really good value for money while being a very high quality product. The only let down for me is that the palest shade is to dark for me. This usually is the biggest problem I have when it comes to buying a foundation, especially from a drugstore. I would defiantly say if your skin is very pale or anything past an olive tone you may struggle to find this foundation to match your skin. However for me I haven't found a foundation I enjoy using this much in a long time. So although I usually have to apply the foundation down my neck to blend it all together abit, I don't actually mind it all that much. If they could just create a paler version of this foundation I'd be chuffed! However The Body Shop have brought out some Shade Adjusting Drops, which I may just give a go.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation:
Since I enjoyed using the Healthy Mix Foundation so much I figure I would try the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation as my skin is pretty dry, I figured the formula would be similar but just a dewy, slightly more hydrating version, and it is. The foundations are very similar. The Serum foundation has slightly lighter coverage and is a thinner consistency. I have purchased both these foundations in the shade Light Vanilla and I do think the Serum Foundation has more of a yellow tone to it, however it is such a tiny difference you wouldn't notice it unless they was both applied next to each other. Both foundations claim to last 16 hours, but I can't remember the last time I even kept foundation on for that long. The foundations both last well but I do find the serum foundation does wear ever slightly quicker. Overall I am a fan of this foundation as they are both very similar, however I think I prefer the Healthy Mix Foundation slightly more, as it lasts longer and gives me a little bit more coverage, whilst still keeping my skin hydrated, dewy and luminous. If your skin is good and you like a light weight foundation the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation would work wonders.

Both foundation cost about £10.00 and are usually in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. I think both foundations are such good quality for the price and would really recommend trying them! If there are any foundation you think I should try or would like a review on let me know in the comments! Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. Keep hearing so much good about the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation!!! Definitely going to give it a go :) Great post!!!


  2. It's so good! One of my favorites ! Xx


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