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Aloha, Happy July. 
I've been on the hunt for a bronzer for the past year or so. When your as pale as I am picking a bronzer is a tricky task, unfortunately you run the risk of looking like an umpa lumpa or just dirty and lets face it neither are appealing. However for the past 2-3 weeks I've been testing out Hoola Bronzer by Benefit. Heres my verdict.

Benefit Hoola retails at £23:50, which isn't the most expensive but its also not the cheapest. I think £23.50 for a bronzer can be justifiable if the bronzer is good quality. Because lets face it bronzer feels like it lasts a lifetime. 

"Dust this award-winning bronzing powder over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural-looking "tan" year-round. It's pure matte sparkle or shine! "
It claims to give you a sun kissed glow, also claims to be great for contouring  due to its matte finish.
I think the product speaks for itself. It's an award winning bronzer with thousands of good reviews, and I must admit it works well with my skin. It comes with a soft bristle brush, which I don't tend to use because I find the product applies heavily and unevenly with the brush provided. However if you want to create a strong contour line you can easily create that by applying the brush directly on your cheek bone, but you will still need another brush to help blend out the line, to soften the contour. If I'm using the bronzer to bronze my face I like to apply it using the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour Brush and then blend it out using the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush. However the Mac 168 Angled Contour Brush is a great brush for contouring your face it's definitely a brush I'd recommend if your just getting into contouring. The Hoola Bronzer blends easily and can work well with many skin tones, I personally need the tiniest bit to completely bronze my face. The bronzer is definitely build-able if you want a deeper, darker or more pronounced contour. I still find this bronzer has a slight orange tone but I can only notice it when I'm at my palest and yet it is still very easy to blend out and still provides a natural warm glow. I can wear my makeup for up to 10 hours a day and still find that the bronzer has lasted well without looking patchy or unpresentable. There is only two things I'm not keen on when it comes to this bronzer. One is the packaging, although it looks beautiful, its not practicable, it gets messy easily and the box can start to get tatty very easily, which isn't the end of the world but if your like me and like your makeup looking clean and tidy this just makes it look a little messy. The second thing I don't particular like is for how big the box is you get very little product, it is unnecessary and inconvenient for your makeup bag (lets face it we need to save as much room in our makeup bag for our essentials). However I do feel Benefit redeemed themselves as they now do the mini version of this bronzer, which is definitely a much more compact idea. Overall I really enjoy using this product and would repurchase it. 
So I've decide I'm going to start rating products out of 5 stars being very good quality and 1 star meaning the product did not work as well for me. So I would rate Hoola Bronzer **** 4 stars out of 5, the only thing that lets it down is that the packaging ends up looks quite tatty but other than that the product works great with my skin.


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  1. I hear so many amazing things about hoola but am yet to jump on the bandwagon! You look stunning and have made me want to go and buy it even more!

    Parie x

  2. It is really nice , you should try it! They do the mini version now aswell so could always try that first and then buy the bigger one later on x

  3. I love this bronzer! And it really suits your skin tone nicely, I think I will have to re-purchase this one soon! X


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