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Fragrance Direct is my first stop for beauty essentials, I'm not going to lie, before working with them I genuinely thought they only sold fragrances, boy was I wrong. They literally sell EVERYTHING and you are guaranteed to always and I mean always find a bargain. That's exactly why they are my first stop for beauty essentials I mean who doesn't love a bargain? They stock so many brands from Guerlain to Essie, from drugstore to high-end, whatever you want they've got it all covered and usually at a discount. They also offer student discount all year round and you can check out the UNIDAYS page here.

These are two of my favorite products from the entire haul. Hylamide low molecular ha booster and Hylamide glow radiance booster. I'm literally obsessed. If you've heard of Deciem, which by now I'm sure you have because lets face it, they are kind of nailing it when it comes to skincare at the moment. Anyway, you will probably be aware of science and ingredients behind the brand and I wont lie, I don't always understand it but to put it in simple terms, lets just say. They focus on making good quality products. No added extras, nothing to make them prettier or smell better just great quality products and I wont lie both of these serums smell a little funky but once the product sinks into the skin, I don't even notice. They just brighten and hydrate my skin like nothing else. It is not like that  fake hydration either that just sits on top of your skin. It's the real stuff that penetrates the skin and makes you glow from within. If you buy one (or two) things from Frangrance Direct today make it these!

The next thing I picked up was this Murad Clarifying Mask, again by another brand with a great reputation. I've never actually tried anything from Murad, so was pleasantly surprised when I tried this. It is one of the best clarifying masks I have ever tried. I literally apply it to my skin and within minutes I can see the product pulling impurties up from the skin. It's pretty gross but it is amazing to see something work so fast. I love using this mask on a weekly basis just to really give me a thourough cleanse.

Beautypro collagen under eye mask with green tea
Incase you havent already noticed, I'm the kind of girl that loves a good pamper. I love trying new products, especially something that's going to help with my under eye bags, not gonna lie, they are awful. When I saw these under eye masks, I couldn't wait to try them. I always make my own under eye masks with cotton wool pads and camomille tea but I just wanted to try something that felt a little more luxury and these do. They feel super hydrating and the gel cushion sits under the eye so comforatable (little warning) don't accidentally fall asleep with them on though, after 8 hours or so they do dry up and become incredibly painful to pull of from your delicate under eye. hashtag, I'm a twat. 

Wet Brush pro
If you haven't jumped on the Wet Brush band wagon yet, then we can't be friends. No I'm joking, but you need to. I've used a Wet Brush for the past 3 years or so and I would literally never go back. I mean, I used the Tangle Teaser for a while, but we all know how much of a faff it was trying to get one of them to actually untangle our knotts. I am obssessed, I lost my hair brush a few weeks ago and I point blank refused to brush my hair with anything else. I'd rather have messy hair -end of. (Don't worry I found it in the end, I'm not sitting here rocking dreadlocks- infact, I don't think I could even try to pull dreadlocks off).

Professional double prong curl clips 72 clips
If you ever have or ever plan on curling your hair then you need these. I swear these are a total game changer. Again I have used this for years on and off for pinning my curls. Literally, if you want your curls to last then you need these. I will simply take a section of hair curl it and instead of letting the girl drop out once I've finised I will wrap it back round itself and then pin it in place. I will continue to do this for my full head and then I will leave my hair to cool and then take the clips out and brush through my curls and I swear, my curls literally last for days. I wash my hair every 2/3 days but if I left it for a week my hair would easily still be curled. 

I havent actually tried this yet, but Im really excited to. I love a body scrub. The only thing that makes me a little apprehensive with this is that the consitency is really strange it kind of feels like really soft soil. I'm not sure how scrubby it will be but I'm excited to try it anyway.

And the last two things and by no means least, Kneipp mineral deep sleep bath salt and Kneipp cold season eucalyptus bath crystals ok ok, you get it. I love to be pampered. It's true, I really do. I'm making a concnious effort to have more me time, lite a candle, run a bath and put my favourite bath salts in and just relax. I genuinely don't think there is anything nicer than having a long bath and just a bit of down time and anything that enhances that experience is a winner for me.

 I hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know what you would like to try or have tried in the comments below and make sure to check out Fragrance Direct (You won't regret it I promise)

Disclaimer: All Items in this post were gifted to me. However, All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I have the moisturizer of the same line as that mask from Murad and I love it! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life


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