Thursday, 8 December 2016


There is something about Christmas time that makes me want to clean, organise and get prepared for the New Year. I always feel like a thorough clear out is a must. I think it is nice to start the year with a clear mind and a clutter free home.  Here is my de-cluttering to do list.

  • Organise clothes, shoes, bags and everything else. Chuck what is old, sell what you can and give some to charity.
  • Clear out old paperwork although paper work is usually out of sight, so out of mind. I try to avoid letting it build up and make sure it doesn't become an over flowing drawer.
  • Have a social media clear out, I always find a random account on my social media that does not relate to me at all, remove it.
  • Clear emails and put emails into appropriate folders.
  • Remove negative, toxic people and relationships from life (luckily for me I did this a long time ago and its the best thing I've ever done).
  • Spring clean entire house from top to bottom.
  • Sort through photos, videos and put into albums or appropriate folders.
  • Clean out drawers and re-organise.
  • Plan ahead work, blog schedules or any other plans so you can have time to relax over Christmas.
  • Get out for more Winter walks and have a break away from phones, computers and all social media to clear you mind.

Let me know what you like to clear out over the Christmas periord in the comments below.



  1. Something must be in the air because I've started de-cluttering myself these past few days! I went through all of my clothing to throw out or donate and I've recently started clearing out some social media accounts! It feels so good getting rid of clutter :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. haha its Christmas time I tell you! always makes me want to de-clutter!

  2. I definitely have to sort out my paperwork. I just chuck everything in a drawer. I love to clear out my wardrobe though. Feels so good afterwards.
    Good luck with your goals, Stacey.
    xx Desi

    1. Yes paperwork always builds up so quickly and out of nowhere! Oh it really does doesn't it!
      I've pretty much cleared everything but odd few bits still need sorting! xx

  3. I am going to have a mayor clear out when I get some time off. My drawers are so packed full of stuff I having problems opening and closing them. I really need to sort it out.
    Great post!

    Vanessa x |

    1. I literally love clearing out and everything feel clean and tidy!

  4. I started doing this on Thursday. I've managed Emma's bits and my makeup so far.
    Hoping to do wardrobes tomorrow.
    Paper work I keep on top of it so badly there's nothing I hate more than papers in drawers, goes straight into folders


    1. I did it a few weeks back but feel like I need to do it again. Some how I always manage to just build a tonne of stuff up.



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