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So this isn't exactly Christmasy but I thought it was perfect for the party season. There is nothing worst than making last minute plans and realising you haven't had time to tan, of course, if your not into tanning that is fine. I never used to tan and now I tan on a weekly basis because this tanning routine is seriously so quick and easy

Prep is key:
Sorry to bore you with the whole prep is key malarky but, it really is. I know everyone tells you time and time again that preparing for your tan is the most important step, but I just feel like this needs to be emphasised. You can not create a flawless tan without seriously prepping your skin, here is a checklist of the steps you should take before tanning:

one: Exfoliate. I personally like using exfoliating mitts for this, it is cheap and you won't risk ruining your tan by having a sticky or scrubby residue left on you. Plus you can literally buy them anywhere. Mine are from Tesco and cost me £1.00.

two: Shave. Everyone usually recommends you shave the day before you tan but, that's not always an option and if you're anything like me my legs on day 2 are no longer smooth and I just find rubbing a mitt over prickly legs can cause irritation so I personally shave the same day I tan and just give my legs half hour or so after a shower and I never get any issues.

three: Cream. Apply cream to your hands, knees and ankles. If you suffer from dry skin anywhere else also apply it to that area as well. Try using a cream that is fragrance-free, light and colour/glitter free.

Applying the tan:
one: Pick your tan. I decided to go for the Bondi Sands liquid gold, it is reasonably priced I picked it up from boots for £6.50 on a deal but it is currently retailing for £10. I like this tan because it is easy to apply, you can apply it and go out without looking patchy. It develops within 2/3 hours but can be left on overnight for a darker tan. The colour is also beautiful and I just find it really easy to work with. The tan also fades nicely and evenly.

two: Start top to bottom. For me I find starting from my neck downwards works best. I've tried starting with my legs but I just end up in a mess. So I'd always say work downwards.

three: Use a mitt. Always use a mitt to avoid orange hands. Gently buff in the tan and skim over your knees, feet and hands with a leftover product. If you're applying fake tan to your face, neck or somewhere tricky trying using a makeup buffing brush.

four: Leave to develop. Once applied wait a few minutes and throw on some baggy clothes then wait for it develop. If you're going to sleep with your tan on and want to avoid getting your bed sheets ruined I really recommend using a Tanzee. It's basically a silky sleeping bag to protect your bedsheets. It is super soft and spacious so you don't have to worry about being uncomfy in it. It seriously is such a simple yet effective idea. Also keep an eye out because I will be giving away a Tanzee over on my Instagram. 

five: Wash it off.  This is my fave part, when you wash it off don't use a loafer just use your hands. Some people recommend just rinsing your tan with just water but for me, I have to use a body wash to remove the smell. I just use a tiny bit and gently rub it over my tan using my hands.

six: Moisturise. If you want your tan to last and fade evenly, moisturising is really important. Keeping your skin hydrated and your "base" smooth means it will fade evenly and also means next time you go to tan the whole process will be easier.


one: Do not skip the prep (seriously, your tan is only as good as the base it has to work with)

two: Do not apply deodorant or perfume directly to your skin before tanning, or until tan is washed off 

three: If you apply to much tan and it peels, try pressing the tan in as buffing it will only cause the peeling to grow.

four: Do not apply tan to your hands always use what is left over from the mitt.

five: Use Vaseline or Sudocrem as a barrier cream to the hairline, brows and nails.

six: Fake tan has a tendency to dry out the skin so make sure after tan is washed off you don't forget to moisturise. (This also helps maintain your tan)

seven: Once your tan has faded (after a week) scrub off any remaining tan. I like to give my skin a day tan free and will usually smoother myself in a thick body butter, coconut oil or something really hydrating in order to stop my skin from drying out.

eight: No one ever really talks about maintaining your tan and shaving. I shave my legs probably every other day, yes this means my tan fades quicker but I want my legs to look and feel smooth. If my tan fades after I shave I will just either top up that section with the fake tan or I will use an everyday gradual moisturiser.

Fake tanning can be a hot mess and there is probably going to be times when your tan isn't flawless but like everyone always tells you, practice really does make perfect. Eventually, you just start to figure out how to do your tan and what works and doesn't work for you.

I really hope this has helped someone. Let me know what your top tanning tips are.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Tanzee to review, but all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I've never tanned before because I always thought about those horrible orange stripes, haha. But it looks amazing on you

    1. Yeah I'm so pale I'm always weary of tans but this tan is so easy! xx

  2. Great post babe ! Is this tan sticky after application ? xxx

    1. Thanks hun! I wouldn't say sticky but its also not comfortable straight away. People say you can leave this tan on and go out but I think it would be a little uncomfy! xx

  3. Can I just say how jealous of your legs I am right now aha! They look so smooth and tanned!! This Tanzee sounds amazing, I had never thought of using something like that before -but as a lover of white sheets it really is essential haha. Great post my love! xx


  4. No matter what I do I can never seem to get my tan to apply evenly!

    Corinne x

    1. Mine has phases! I think I've nailed it 90 percent of the time but occasionally I rock a white stripe at the back of my leg or something ! Xx

  5. These are such good tips and that tan is to die for, the colour is perfection!! I will definitely be trying the liquid tan. I've got the Bondi sands dark mouse but not sure I like the consistency!

    Katie |

  6. I've never tried tanning products but this one seems nice. Thanks for all the tips, this is useful!


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