Saturday, 27 August 2016


We all have things we don't like about ourselves but are you obsessive over them or have you learnt to embrace them? I am not exactly one to preach about loving yourself, as I find this one of the most difficult tasks in the world to do but that being said I defiantly think we should all embrace our flaws or what we perceive as "our flaws". After all some of the most beautiful things in this world are blemished and that is exactly what makes them beautiful and unique. Here are 5 good reasons you should embrace your flaws.

One: They set us apart.
All our little blemishes and imperfections are exactly what makes us original, they separate us from one another. Unfortunately we live in a society that tries to feed us perfection and sometimes it is difficult to embrace our flaws when the expectation to be perfect sits heavily on our shoulders. If we all had perfectly symmetrical faces and perfect hair, how would we set ourselves apart? I can guarantee that thing that bothers you the most about yourself, someone else loves. They love how it sets you apart and makes you an individual, and you should too.

Two: It boosts self confidence.
I'm not going to lie, I do struggle with my confidence but since having my daughter it has completely changed me. I have come to terms with my "flaws" and I'm actually pretty comfortable with them.  Now I've accepted my blemishes I no longer strive for perfection. Now I've stopped striving towards an unrealistic goal I feel my confidence growing rapidly. 

Three: You have more time for the important things.
I defiantly used to be the obsessive type when it come to my flaws, I spent so many hours poking and prodding at my face, my flaws and anything I felt wasn't right. When you start to embrace your imperfections you have more time to worry about things that matter. Don't get me wrong I have the odd day where I struggle to accept something about my appearance but I spend a lot less time worrying about the little things and more time worrying and enjoying the bigger things, the things that matter.

Four: Your a kinder person.
Okay so I say this lightly and from personal experience. I'm not saying your unkind if you don't embrace your flaws, that is defiantly not what I mean. All I mean is, since I have embraced my flaws I have been happier with myself and have felt like I've wanted to help others more and also I want to compliment people more often. This one could just be me, but when I felt insecure about my flaws I found it difficult to compliment others because instead I spent that time comparing myself to them, asking myself "why are they prettier than me?" "why are they happier than me?" Now I'm like "girl you so pretty" (insert love heart eyes)

Five: There is no shame in flaws.
Being honest with yourself and understanding that everybody has a "flaw" whether it be with the way they look or a personality trait, everybody has atleast one thing they probably don't like about themselves. Being able to accept that shows you are a strong person and it allows you to grow in every aspect, if you can accept it you can grow as a person and personal growth brings the best kind of happiness.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and possibly taken something from it.

Let me know one of your flaws and why you embrace or why you are struggling to embrace it.

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  1. Hiya
    I have a mental health condition..
    I used to be ashamed of it and now I don't let it run me or control me!
    It's a part off me.
    I loved reading your blog

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and glad to hear that! As a mental health condition is nothing to be ashamed of! The fact that you control it and your not ashamed of it anymore just proves how strong you are as a person! Thankyou for reading my post xx

  2. Love this, great post gorgeous! x


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