Thursday, 12 May 2016


Once again I have not stuck to my "blog more often goal" but for once I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm 40 weeks +4 days pregnant and I can just about manage to wake up and shower before I'm exhausted, So the fact I'm even attempting to blog makes me feel ever so slightly productive. Even if this blog post is going to be fairly simple. It's a 100% relatable to me right now, Because lets face it, I really do need little pick me up's at the moment regardless of how small they may be. Anyway... let's jump into it. Here are my 10 instant mood boosters. 

1) Soak in warm bath or have a cup of tea.
Whenever I'm feeling a little rubbish I will always try soak in a nice warm bath. Alternatively if I'm a little more pressed for time or not at home I will have a cup of tea. There is something about baths and tea that just scream relaxation to me which instantly improves my mood.

2) Look through old photos.
So looking through old photos is not only simple, because lets face it everyone has photos that are easily accessible 99% of the time but it is also a massive mood booster. Looking at photos of good times brings about feelings of comfort and happiness! What an easy way to brighten up your day.

3) Calming scents/Essential oils.
So this isn't for everyone but whenever I feel a little overwhelmed I will put some Lavender in my Duux diffuser and just take 5 minutes to sit and inhale it. I instantly start to feel less anxious. Alternatively you could try something like Eucalyptus essential oil to make you feel more energised. Also if your not at home or don't have a diffuser just put a little oil in a tissue, when you feel anxious just give it a little sniff and it should help calm you. If your not into essential oils false stop, perhaps just try putting a spritz of your favourite perfume on your wrist.

4) Smile.
This is always a cheesy one, because lets face it sitting there smiling to yourself when your in a bad mood just feels unnatural. However its apparently proven that making yourself smile can actually make you feel better. Funny how our brains can trick us.

5) Get outside or get active.
Okay so when the sun is shining there is nothing better than just catching some vitamin D. However if like me you live somewhere with temperamental weather, getting outside isn't always an option. 
If you can get outside go for a brisk walk or just relax in your garden. If you are stuck inside because of the weather just trying to get active will instantly boost your mood. I'm not talking about doing an exercise DVD or anything to strenuous because let's face it we aren't always in the mood for that. I'm just talking about doing a few jumping jacks or putting some upbeat music on and dancing or cleaning or whatever it is that floats your boat.

6) Light a candle.
There is something about a flickering flame that burns away our troubles. Arghhh. I just cringed at myself for saying that! But I instantly feel better when I light some nice smelling candles and just sit and enjoy them. It's the little things sometimes.

7) Express gratitude.
Sometimes all we need to do to feel better is remind ourselves of every thing and everyone we have. You can write it down or just think about it. Regardless who you are there is always something to be grateful for, even if its as silly as being able to experience life or having friends and family around us that love and support usJust remind yourself of whats important and how much you have.

8) Laugh.
So this is like the smiling thing, it feels unnatural but it works. You can sit and fake a laugh, which is said to cheer you up or alternatively watch a funny film or something on youtube or look back on a memory that made you laugh. Laughter is one of the best feelings in the world.

9) Read something inspiring or funny.
One of my favourite things to do when I feel down is to read something inspiring. It could be anything. Sometimes if I'm not feeling great or productive myself, listening to someone else's inspiring stories really motivates me. Alternatively if thats not your cup of tea just read something funny! At the moment I'm half way through reading The Unmumzy Mum, it's funny and a really easy read. Sometimes all we need to boost our mood is a little distraction from reality.

10) De-clutter.
So you don't have to pull your house apart and get rid of everything. But having less stuff around you usually equals a clear mind. Whether your decluttering your house, phone, handbag or anything else for that matter just remember, sometimes less is more. The less we have the more we can appreciate the specific item, person or memory. 

I hope this has helped brighten up your day. While we can't force ourselves into a good mood, we can do things to try and improve our mood. However if your mood is still not slightly lifted, just remember tomorrow is a new day and sometimes a goods night sleep is all we need.


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